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Carrier Route Maps in Adobe Format

A carrier route is the territory that one  mail carrier delivers each day.  A carrier route map shows the streets on each route.  Carrier routes are the smallest  area you can mail to and receive discounts.

When someone states, "I only want to mail to the people across the tracks!"  They are "target marketing" based on a geographic area as well as personal knowledge of the area.  Target Marketing allows for reduced expense (you don't have to pay for printing/mailing/postage for an entire zip code) and greater return on investment (ROI) because you are sending your advertising piece only to those you want to get it.  Presumably this will be to those living in an area who historically are most likely to buy your product or services.  You can also target areas where you want to increase your business.

You receive two maps in Adobe format with each zip code order.  One will print on a standard 8-1/2" X 11 piece of paper, the other will print only on a larger printer as it is 17" x 22".  This larger format allows for the inclusion of some street names that would not fit on the smaller map.  County maps require a large format printer.

Sample Map

Click on map to view & magnify.


Who uses these maps?
  • Retail chains
  • Direct mail houses
  • Franchises
  • Small businesses
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Banks
  • Media/Print advertising
  • Anyone who wants to get their information out there and see results!
  • Order your carrier
    route maps now !

     only $34.95 each per zip code
    Entire county for only $89.95
     additional discounts apply when purchased in quantity of 5 or more 

    County/state/radius zip code
     maps are also available. 
    Please call for additional
    details and pricing.

    Our postal data is updated monthly, our street data is updated quarterly.
    You can be assured that you are receiving the most accurate carrier route map available!
     Please read:
     Carrier Route Map Service Agreement


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