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Mail Manager - Mailing Software

The Total Mail Management Software System

If you have a large mailing operation or have plans to grow, Mail Merry Systems Inc strongly suggests Mail Manager Software.  If you take a minute to look at the extensive list of add-ons available you'll quickly realize that no-matter what it is you may need to do for this client or that, you can do it without having to learn a new software.  This is "no excuses" software for serious lettershops.

Mail Manager 2010 is a true 32 bit, high performance mail management software system designed for the professional mailer. It is a trend-setting compilation of general database management and postal-specific operations including Presorting (PAVE Gold Certified Cycle D), ZIP+4 and/or LOT Encoding (CASS Certified), address updating and mailroom management functions. Mail Manager 2010 is PAVE Gold Certified Cycle D and CASS Certified.

Multi-Threaded Background Processing allows Mail Manager 2010 to work the way you work--juggling many tasks at the same time! Begin as many tasks as you wish and Mail Manager 2010 will keep them running, giving you their progress, speed and completion times!

Mail Manager 2010 Options

NCOA Processing

The TaskMaster Option for Mail Manager 2010 allows unattended processing of multiple tasks. Setup a sequence of steps(eg. import, ZIP+4 Encode, Presort, Print Labels) and run the entire job with a single command.

The complete suite of Palletization options performs tray-based, sack-based, and package-based palletized presorts for Periodical and Standard Mail categories. Users can drop-ship to multiple sites and print required pallet labels.

9-Track Tape Option
The 9-Track Tape Option will allow users to directly import from or export to 9-track tape without having to separately copy the files from or to the hard disk using tape utility software.

Firm Packaging
The Firm Packaging Option will combine all pieces mailed to the same mailing address.  The postage charge will be for one piece only, regardless of how many pieces are in the firm package.

Network Option
Mail Manager 2010s Network option provides an easy way to share mailing lists between multiple users on a computer network. Multiple workstations can be configured so that each can access a single installation of the Mail Manager 2010 program files.

Package Services
BCC's complete Package Services suite features two options supporting Bound Printed Matter/Parcel Post, and Media Mail/Library Mail.

ZIP+4 Monthly
Get the most up-to-date address data by doubling the frequency of USPS-supplied CASS updates.  Note: included with Delivery Point Validation option.

Mail.dat File Creation
Mail.dat is an industry standard file structure that allows the user to save the full content and detail of a mailing electronically. Instead of preparing and presenting all paper work by hand, transmit the full details of the mailing electronically or on a diskette.

Check out the Mail Manager LE Edition
if you do not require all of the advanced capabilities Mail Manager 2010 has to offer check out the Mail Manager LE Edition and the feature v. feature comparison between both products.
Mail Manager 2010 LE

Prices for Mail Manager and Mail Manager LE
Price includes one year of Toll-Free Telephone Support and all updates to the Software


Mail Manager Software +
500,000 NCOALINK Credits
     Move Manager NCOA LSP Option CALL
     Mail Manager  LE CALL
      (5,000 Rec Maximum)
     Mail Manager  LE ECR/eLOT OPTIONCALL
Mail Manager with Remote Encoding CALL
Additional CD per update CALL
Additional Data CD per update CALL
Additional Monthly CD CALL
Bi-Monthly CD Media CALL
Firm Packaging Option CALL
Mail Manifesting First Class Option CALL
Mail Manifesting Standard Mail Option CALL
Mail Manifesting Suite Option CALL
Monthly CD Media CALL
Move Manager EU ANKLink Option CALL
Move Manager EU Option CALL
Move Manager LSP Option CALL
Network Option (2-5 Seats) CALL
Package Services BPM/Parcel Post Option CALL
Package Services Media Mail/Library Mail Option CALL
Package Services Suite Option CALL
Palletization Package Based Option CALL
Palletization Sack Based Option CALL
Palletization Tray Based Option CALL
Palletization First Class Option CALL
Palletization Suite Option CALL
Palletization Suite Option with First Class CALL
Residential Delivery Indicator Option CALL
SuiteLink Option CALL
TaskMaster Option CALL
ZIP+4 Monthly Update Option CALL
Mail Manager Second Use License CALL
Mail Manager Additional Use License CALL
Move Manager EU Additional Use License CALL
Move Manager EU ANKLink Option addl use license CALL
Move Manager LSP Additional Use License CALL
Move Manager LSP ANKLink Additional Use License CALL
Move Manager FSP Additional Use License CALL
Network Option (Additional Seats) CALL
Network Server Additional License CALL



Additional network seats available.


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